Say Yes to Clean Air

We don’t talk about it much, but gas and diesel burning vehicles are one of the biggest preventable killers, responsible for about 21,000 premature deaths a year in California alone, causing increased rates of asthma, heart and lung diseases, dementia and cancers.

Clean cars legislation will help put a stop to auto-pollution- caused illness and death. By mandating the gradual phase-out of gasoline burning cars, it will enable millions of people who live near busy roads and freeways (2.5 million in Southern California alone, mostly communities of color), to breathe cleaner air.

Do you spend a lot of time on the roads? The air in your car when you are stuck in traffic is high indangerous nitrogen dioxide caused by gasoline and diesel burning cars and trucks, It’s even worse inside your car than it is beside the road. By getting gas cars off the road via clean cars legislation, you, your family, and your community will all breathe cleaner air.

Germany, Holland, France, England, Norway, and many other countries have already enacted policies to phase out gasoline-and- diesel burning cars. Why should people in Los Angeles and the Central Valley have to breathe dirty air when people in Amsterdam and Berlin are breathing clean air? The only way we are going to get clean air is if we advocate for it, and clean cars legislation (to phase-out gasoline vehicles by requiring all new vehicles starting with a certain model-year, such as 2040, be clean vehicles) is one of the most effective tools that we have to clean our air.

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