Say Yes to Choice

Clean cars legislation would provide that, starting with a certain model-year such as 2040, new cars would have to be zero emissions. People could keep, sell and purchase model-year 2039 and earlier gas cars without restriction. Such legislation would ensure automakers have a market for clean vehicles starting in 2040, spurring investment in R&D, economies of scale, broader selection, and competition among automakers for cheaper and better clean cars.

Automakers have been dragging their feet in producing electric pickup trucks, SUVs, and other popular models because they aren’t sure that there is a big enough market for them. Clean cars legislation will require all new cars to be clean cars by 2040, so that we will be able to drive whatever type of car we want without fouling the air and emitting carbon dioxide.

Tell your elected official to support clean cars legislation — we need clean alternatives to gas vehicles ASAP. Gasoline is an outdated technology that pollutes the air, harms the environment, and takes away control of our fuel sources. Let’s keep control local, with fuel (electricity) we can produce and price locally, and even make for ourselves with solar panels and free power from the sun.

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