Say Yes to Reduced Environmental Destruction

Gasoline is messy at every step of its journey from the ground to cars to the atmosphere. Oil
exploration and drilling leaves destruction wherever it happens, from the oil-and- chemical soaked
wastewater ponds involved in fracking to the seepage and spills caused from coastal drilling.
Once oil is extracted from the ground, it moves to refineries via oil trains, nicknamed “bomb trains”
because of the explosions that occur when they derail, and pipelines, which spill thousands of gallons of
gasoline. The oil refining process often causes contamination of the surrounding areas, and oil refineries experience explosions and other accidents that put the people living near them at constant risk. Once the oil
becomes gasoline, it moves to gas stations via pipelines and tanker trucks. Most gas stations leak
gasoline into the soil and groundwater, and emit toxic fumes into the surrounding neighborhoods. Once
in cars, the gasoline is burned, leaving waste products such as benzene, nitrogen oxide, and carbon
dioxide in the air.

Clean cars legislation will phase out this dirty, antiquated process, and replace gas cars with clean electric
technologies, which don’t have the same risks and environmental hazards of gasoline.

We have only one planet, and we need to stop fouling it with oil and gasoline. Clean cars legislation will help usher in
a cleaner way of living for us all.

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