Transportation is America’s and California’s single biggest source of carbon emissions, contributing to climate change and global warming. Extracting, transporting, refining and using gasoline causes harm to people, air, water, land, animals, and plants.

Gas and diesel vehicle exhaust accounts for the vast majority of smog-causing air pollutants, causing asthma, heart and lung disease, cancer, dementia and thousands of premature deaths each year. It affects children and disadvantaged communities of color the most.

In the past, we adopted reasonable vehicle regulations to require seat belts, airbags, catalytic converters and unleaded gas to protect health and safety.  It’s time to act again.

Viable technologies are available now to replace gas and diesel vehicles.  Electric vehicle (EV) battery prices are continuing to drop. Automakers are introducing more EV models with longer ranges. Hundreds of thousands of public EV chargers and fast chargers are being added across the state.

To protect public health, clean the air, slow a rapidly warming climate, promote environmental and economic justice and energy independence, move transportation fuel dollars to the local economy, and reduce transportation costs and electricity rates, we call on the State of California to accelerate the transition away from gasoline/diesel vehicles and toward clean vehicles such as electric vehicles, by ensuring that, starting 2040 or earlier, all new passenger vehicles sold in the state are zero emissions vehicles.


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