SUpport AB 40!

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The Honorable Phil Ting, Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: Support for Assembly Bill 40 (Ting)— Zero-emission vehicles: comprehensive strategy.

Dear Assemblymember Ting:

This is to express support for your Assembly Bill 40, which would require the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop a comprehensive strategy to fully transition the state’s new passenger vehicle market to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2040. There is currently no overarching strategy to encourage greater consumer access to ZEVs and ensure California can meet the future vehicle volumes needed to fulfill increased demand.

Since 1990, when California regulators established the first zero-emissions vehicle requirements, the state has been leading the nation in deployment of clean vehicle technologies. The result is that today over 40 electric vehicle models are commercially available in nearly every price range. And the number of models is expected to climb each year. Meanwhile the fuel that powers ZEVs is increasingly being produced by renewable sources of energy.

Recent developments show how vehicle electrification is well underway. In August 2018, electric vehicles made up 10 percent of all new car sales in California, over double from the year prior. In November 2018, California hit a sales milestone when the 500,000th electric vehicle was purchased. In accordance with Executive Order B-18-48, the state is working to spur the construction and installation of 250,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2025. Technology and infrastructure are moving swiftly in the zero-emission vehicle realm.

Californians want a state in which all residents can anticipate clean air days every day, and where we can reduce climate pollution from internal combustion engines, which are now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state. To achieve this, state leaders must act assertively to accelerate the auto industry’s shift to zero-emission technology. AB 40 will prepare California to advance zero-emission adoption as urgently and effectively as possible.

Thank you for introducing this important legislation.



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